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  • New Faces in Fashion


    "So it looks like the trends have spoken: we're trading in our runways for scenic shots, our magazines for mobile phones, and our fashionistas for everyday people."


    Imagine this: you are driving to work, traffic is finally thinning out and you're on your way.  You arrive but it's not an office building. Instead, you pull up to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, a super hip museum that the locals call the LACMA.  You're not an office worker and you don't work for the city--no--you are an artist of sorts. Your tools are your fashion sense and style, your medium... Instagram.  After taking a few shots with professional photographers, you switch to your X--which has got great quality for a phone--and take a few selfies and other poses. You post your favorites to Instagram and a few other runner-ups to your story, take the camera memory card and away you go, back home again.  You get home and you start uploading the professional shots while you answer some emails, scheduling your next shoot for the following week at the Griffith Observatory. After your dinner (which probably had avocados in it) you check your Instagram feed where you see the fruit of your day's work: 400 likes, and counting.  Before going to bed you send out a few more emails, looking for some more modeling work. You smile faintly at your resume, it may say you have a bachelor's in Bio-Chem but your heart lies with what you love, fashion. You are a fashion brand ambassador. You are the new face of the fashion industry.

    Are you familiar with this story?  Is this you, or maybe you know someone who does this?  Chances are, you at least follow someone on social media who does this for a living.  That's right, fashion brand ambassadors can make a living from doing what they love: modeling, taking pictures, being a fashion envoy for their favorite brand.  This is all under the idea of collaboration. Since the advent of social media and its permeation into our society, the fashion industry has been slowly changing to keep up; collaboration is the new name of the game.  Fashion brands are increasingly trying to reach out to independent models or tech-savvy Instagram users to represent their products. These brands will offer their ambassadors a healthy dose of cash for each post they put up on social media.  Gone are the days where the face of fashion is Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada.  Honestly though, if that's how fashion was 10 or so years ago, maybe it's a good thing it's changing.  Now, companies want to engage and interact with their customers, crafting and creating a vision alongside their loyal fans who share their mindset.  Fashion companies are no different, they want to use their ambassadors to reach people--to help establish relationships. It just so happens that these ambassadors are people just like you and me.

    So it looks like the trends have spoken: we're trading in our runways for scenic shots, our magazines for mobile phones, and our fashionistas for everyday people (who also just happen to live and breathe fashion).  Do you think you have what it takes to be a brand ambassador?

  • Choosing Your Homecoming Dress Part 1: Skirts

    As the night of homecoming approaches, you may be feeling the social pressure to pick a trendy dress to impress your peers. Knowing the latest fashion trends will help you find a dress to impress, but what’s more important is knowing which dress will look beautiful on you and make you feel fabulous! Luckily it more than possible to be yourself and be in-style at the same time.

    So without further adieu, here’s Part 1 in a series of homecoming dress advice posts to help you pick out your dream dress!

    Let’s start with skirts. Homecoming dresses do tend to be on the shorter side so we’re going to focus on short skirt styles.

    Continue reading

  • Trend: Off-The-Shoulder Dresses

    It’s no secret that the shoulder-bearing look is every bit on trend, and no surprise either.

    The style dates back to the 1840s as a popular choice of evening dress in the Victorian era, recurring throughout history, and later becoming a favorite of Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s.  Continue reading

  • Modern Wedding Etiquette

    From the glam room to the dance floor, weddings are a blast. With the big day coming up, become the perfect wedding guest by following these seven simple rules

    1. RSVP ASAP. Waiting for guest replies adds unneeded stress to the bridal party and delays the planning process. Mail your RSVP as soon as possible; it is both courteous and shows how excited you are for the special day.

    2. Be an early bird.  While looking on point is a must, being fashionably late isn’t so trendy. Arriving late not only looks bad, but also sends the message that your friends' big day simply wasn't a high priority. Try to arrive 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time on the invitation. Leave even earlier if it means avoiding traffic. Continue reading

  • Chicago Bridal Event - Visit Our Booth!

    Chances are, you're attending the National Bridal Market Show to freshen up your stock, maybe get a look at some of the hottest new designs and features.  We totally get it, it's important to see what's happening in the fashion scene—it's important to make sure that you're offering your customers the latest designs.  But really, that's the name of the game isn't it?  Customer service.  Whether it's how you engage and help your clients or making sure you are offering the freshest clothes, that's how you make them feel at home.  At MNM Couture, we believe the same thing. Continue reading

  • Chicago Bridal Event

    The detailing in the beautiful dress train coupled with the elegant wood molding, and the scenic pine tree overlook in the middle of a brisk October created the perfect scene for a mermaid washed on land. The Lebanese designed dress hugs all the right curves while still flowing lose enough for a bride to be. Continue reading

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