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  • Choosing Your Homecoming Dress Part 1: Skirts

    As the night of homecoming approaches, you may be feeling the social pressure to pick a trendy dress to impress your peers. Knowing the latest fashion trends will help you find a dress to impress, but what’s more important is knowing which dress will look beautiful on you and make you feel fabulous! Luckily it more than possible to be yourself and be in-style at the same time.

    So without further adieu, here’s Part 1 in a series of homecoming dress advice posts to help you pick out your dream dress!

    Let’s start with skirts. Homecoming dresses do tend to be on the shorter side so we’re going to focus on short skirt styles.

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  • Chicago Bridal Event - Visit Our Booth!

    Chances are, you're attending the National Bridal Market Show to freshen up your stock, maybe get a look at some of the hottest new designs and features.  We totally get it, it's important to see what's happening in the fashion scene—it's important to make sure that you're offering your customers the latest designs.  But really, that's the name of the game isn't it?  Customer service.  Whether it's how you engage and help your clients or making sure you are offering the freshest clothes, that's how you make them feel at home.  At MNM Couture, we believe the same thing. Continue reading

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