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Modern Wedding Etiquette

From the glam room to the dance floor, weddings are a blast. With the big day coming up, become the perfect wedding guest by following these seven simple rules

1. RSVP ASAP. Waiting for guest replies adds unneeded stress to the bridal party and delays the planning process. Mail your RSVP as soon as possible; it is both courteous and shows how excited you are for the special day.

2. Be an early bird.  While looking on point is a must, being fashionably late isn’t so trendy. Arriving late not only looks bad, but also sends the message that your friends' big day simply wasn't a high priority. Try to arrive 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time on the invitation. Leave even earlier if it means avoiding traffic.

3. Ditch the phone. While it’s okay (and fun) to take pics at the reception, the couple wants to see your gorgeous face – not the back of your phone – when they look out at the crowd.  

4. Keep it short. When giving a speech or toast, keep it short, fun and sweet.

5. Drink responsibly. Weddings are often a recipe for going overboard, and there’s always that person who takes it too far. Moderation is key.

6. Be happy. Not everyone in the wedding party gets along – and that’s okay. Set aside differences, even if only for a few hours, by focusing on the couple and their happiness. If you’re happy and having fun, those around you will have fun, too.

7. Mail Your Gift. Always make sure to mail your gift to the bride and groom, rather than bring it to the wedding.

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