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Choosing Your Homecoming Dress Part 1: Skirts

As the night of homecoming approaches, you may be feeling the social pressure to pick a trendy dress to impress your peers. Knowing the latest fashion trends will help you find a dress to impress, but what’s more important is knowing which dress will look beautiful on you and make you feel fabulous! Luckily it more than possible to be yourself and be in-style at the same time.

So without further adieu, here’s Part 1 in a series of homecoming dress advice posts to help you pick out your dream dress!

Let’s start with skirts. Homecoming dresses do tend to be on the shorter side so we’re going to focus on short skirt styles.


This super sexy style is one to wear with confidence. If you plan to strut across that dance floor like you own homecoming no matter who wins the crown, this is the perfect style to accentuate your gorgeous inner fashion queen!

Short Flared Skirt

This style is perfect for accentuating a sweet and pretty babydoll look. If you tend to embrace the coy, bat-your-eyelashes vibe in your fashion choices, this adorable, flirty dress style is for you!

Short High-Low Train

This sweet dynamic style is perfect for the artists and the dreamers. The creative use of fabric creates a uniquely interesting impression on the eyes and makes the wearer look like a character out of a fairytale. This dress, in particular, has a real forest fairy vibe to it. Is anyone reading Midsummer Night’s Dream in English this year?

Medium-Length Retro Style Skirt

If you want a shorter dress but showing skin is not your thing, try a medium-length flowing skirt like this! This style goes well with fun, bubbly personalities. If you’re the one to let your hair down and dance like nobody’s watching, try giving this style a spin!

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